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as headlines now suggest they plan to do. >>> when we come back on "world news," we're just back from detroit tonight after sharing the road with some great american classics. and i couldn't help myself pointing out to everyone who was driving me. stay tuned for a wild ride, the choppers following me, and our person of the week. a delicious new recipe whipped up by clean makeup. they took their clean fresh foundation, added a dash of hydration, then whipped it to smooth matte perfection. finally, a non-drying whip that wears like a dream! ♪ ♪ what a treat from clean. new clean whipped creme from easy breezy beautiful covergirl. always go the extra mile.eme to treat my low testosterone, i did my research. my doctor and i went with axiron, the only underarm low t treatment. axiron can restore t levels to normal in about 2 weeks in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18 or men with prostate or breast cancer. women, especially those who are or who may become pregnant and children should avoid contact where axiron is applied as unexpected signs of puberty in childre
if memphis and detroit. >>> back to the news now. a detroit area doctor accused of forcing potential chance e treatments on patients who didn't need them. >> the fbi says the doctor was in it for the money, not to help heal the sick. here's abc's linzie janis. >> reporter: dr. farid fata is behind bars for the unthinkable, mistrea mistreating patients to bilk medicare out of millions of dollars. he fabricated diagnosis in order to perform expensive tests. relatives of his alleged victims are speaking out. jeff says when his father didn't respond to chemotherapy, the doctor refused to discontinue the drugs. >> they were giving my father transfusions in the parking barrage area. what kind of treatment is that. >> the government had not retained an expert to give an opinion. >> reporter: others suspected something was wrong as far back as 2010. >> things were being administ administered and used incorrectly. >> reporter: cancer nurse angela swantek said she complained. >> to know that a doctor could have potentially brought your death on sooner is sickening. >> reporter: a year later, the licens
for the electric car, detroit, japan, all represented. for now, an unlikely newcomer is getting top honors. the tesla model. a 400 horsepower engine that gets you from zero to 60 in four seconds, all without a single drop of gas. >> the style is terrific. it looks great, the overall packaging is terrific. that may be my favorite part. >> reporter: celebrities are buying them in droves, even humme r fan is buying it. now it is "nightline's" turn, we were given inside access to the car, and the man behind it, to see if it really is the car of the future. and now, according to the highway safety administration, it is also the safest car ever. but the model s's ride to the top is not without controversy, despite its use, several states are trying to ban them from being used. to understand why, first you need to meet this man. >> and you can see the car is charging right there. >> reporter: tesla's ceo, the billionaire tycoon who has changed the way we shop on line. now he is exploring space. and how many do you anticipate? >> probably about 50. >> reporter: taking a page from the apple play bo
. >>> this is on a bus in detroit. you can see a woman standing behind the yellow line, and she is facingoff with the driver, and according to the person who posted the video the woman got on the bus and didn't pay. the bus driver stops the bus and gets out of her seat and the two women are engauged in something. see what is in the bus driver's hands and somebody says that is a bag of coins, but it looks like a big set of keys. the video cuts. then you see that the woman is still engaged in the discussion with the bus driver. then the woman swings her bag at the bus driver and the bus driver swings back. >> [ bleep ]. >> [ bleep ]. >> wow. man. >> and she repeatedly hits this woman. >> you can see the frustration and i feel bad she was put in the position, but she can't treat another rider like that. >> the woman did come after her first, but you can't claim self-defense any longer when it goes on for this long. >> the bus driver seems to have the woman by the neck or the head, and somehow the bus driver is on top of this woman who was on all fours, and then people intervene and separate the
his swim yesterday morning, belle island, detroit. his odyssey monday morning. when he started he was pulling two dinghies carrying 334 bricks. ha. when finished he was only pulling one. >> nuts. the swim was a fund raiser for habitat for humanity. dryer said symbolic. despite michigan and detroit struggles. he wanted to show we don't have to sink under the weight of our burdens. >> should be clear it wasn't that he was carrying one brick. one dinghy. half the amount of bricks he had when he started. still incredible feat. and good cause too. >> unbelievable. he said the hardest thing going against the current most of the way. swimming in waves, two to three feet during the day. three to four feet during the night. that slowed down his progress. i think he did just fine. >> check this out apparently had a couple hallucinations along the way one at night he describes a vegs ision of jesus ghost ships out there as well. the cold, temperature, just having to be in so much mobile, mobility all the time, you, you, lose it. little bit. >> kept on going. >> he did. coming up. who says ha
and patriots, wow. >> yeah. it was an undressed rehearsal for new england. and detroit just took it to tom brady and the gang. and brady and the patriots looked so good in the first two games. the big pickup for the lions this season, is a kid named reggie bush. you may have heard of him. he had a career at usc. went to new orleans. and then to miami. they hope he can bring big things for the motor city. patriots, four turnovers in the first half. the lions, 40-9. first time under coach belichick the pats allow 40 in a preseason game. >>> it's time for dodger baseball. l.a. in miami, finishing up that series. yasiel puig, that's out in 27 of the 30 parks. but one of the three it isn't out in is that one right there. puig, one for three and rbi in the game. clayton kershaw, speaking of outs, looking for his 13th win of the season. double-plays helped him. dodgers win. 6-0, kershaw, eight innings. >>> boston at dodgers stadium, friday, saturday, sunday. first time since 2002. >> that's all we got. back to you. >> guys, thank you. >>> robert griffin iii, quarterback of the washington redski r
the sign. >> the city don't have any money. >> reporter: meet this retired detroit area cop. >> i said when i got a chance to speak out i would. >> reporter: he says it's what you might suspect, cities and counties make a whole lot of money off of speed traps. >> it's like a dirty secret. >> reporter: along i 7 1 the speed limit drops to 60 for 134 seconds on the highway. before a court stepped in last winter, the tiny town collected $800,000 a year. along i 10 tickets from a speed limit change at the bottom of this bridge covered 80% of the budget for henderson, louisiana. across the country drivers are taking note, reporting 78,000 speed traps since 2000. a warning, the cities with the most traps are colorado springs, denver, vegas, boston and the number one is houston. all those frustrated drivers who feel they have been pulled over in a speed trap, authorities say when there is a hill and the speed limit is 25 mile per hour, it's not a trap, it's about public safety. my police chief in georgia took me out for driver's ed near a hill i had 2rutrouble with near home. the bottom of the hil
morning commute. in fact you're going to it see a significant line of active weather out toward detroit. much of that is pushing our way and ahead of that line we'll see probably an early round of showers tomorrow followed by a more significant round toward midday. so an active future radar picture plan for rain. keep the umbrella handy. we'll talk more about how things unfold straight ahead. >>> the hospital technician accused of causing a hepatitis c outbreak that spanned many states has reached a plea deal. as part of the agreement he will avoid criminal charges here in and why as well as in kansas and georgia. he's accused of injects himself with stole sir rings them swabbing them out with syringes using with patients. >>> tonight, howard county police looking for a man who was mean is someone's yard naked. spraying himself with a garden hose. police say it happened yesterday on thomas edison drive. once he was spotted police say the man may have got spoon a silver suv and drove away. this comes just two days after a woman out for a jog in columbia near stone cloud and major's lane
to tell you about. >> streaking. detroit's won ten in a row. miguel cabrera, gets danny salazar. salazar had struck him out three previous at-bats. only pitcher to do that this season. fourth at-bat, cabrera says strike this. tigers up 4-3. prince fielder, shot to the gap. two score. the tigers hold on, 6-3. >>> justin upton and company taking on the nationals. justin upton, off fernando avlad. top eight. 4-3, runners on the corners. upton again. drives in two more. braves win it, 6-3. they extend their win streak to 13. >>> st. louis, ended that dodgers road winning streak on tuesday. wednesday, carl crawford and shelby millers on his second pitch. crawford had four hits. but that one hurt miller, man. he would have to leave the game. elbow contusion. x-rays were negative. and then, it was jake westbrook. he was suppose to pitch today. and he looked like he wasn't ready to pitch wednesday. skip schumaker, the former cardinal, had a huge game. and the dodgers go on to win 13-4. >> jerry hairston jr. had an rbi in that game, as well. >>> hey, have a great thursday. >> thanks, guys. >> we
cancer patients a flight risk. tuesday, federal agents arrested him, raiding the offices in the detroit area and seizing medical records. a u.s. attorney said he gave unnecessary chemotherapy to patients in remission, and fabricated diagnosis in order to bilk millions from medicare. this morning, relatives of his alleged victims are speaking out. in a bond hearing on friday, jeff burrs said when his father didn't respond to chemotherapy, the doctor refused to stop administering the drugs. >> from the time he got the chemotherapy, his health deteriorated, it was worse and worse all the time. >> his attorney says he is innocent and federal agents have been duped by disgruntled employees. >> the government has not retained an expert to give an opinion there was mistreatment or misdiagnosis or unnecessary tests given to any patient. >> but other health care workers suspected something was wrong in 2010. >> i don't know how he's gotten away with it for this long. >> cancer nurse angela tells abc news she first complained to investigators three years ago after spending just two hours at one o
coast. showers around detroit, chicago and saint louis. there are severe, there is severe weather from wichita to oklahoma city. heavy rain from the northern rockies to the desert southwest. but dry from fine, to vegas. >> 106 iphoenix. 80s from salt lake city into the plains. midwest, northeast. 90s in orlando and new orleans. >> rarely here on "world news now" do we have an opportunity to show you an entire athletic event from beginning to end. we have the chance. >> here it is beginning to end. usain bolt, reclaiming the world title. slow start. steady rain last night in moscow. he won the championship he lost two years ago. he won it back because of a false start. >> justin gatlin, second, he had beaten bolt in the same event two months ago. was not fast enough. >> crazy. look at that. >> see him come from behind. >> i can now. i was reading the first time. just enjoying it. >> all of a sudden he gets a bolt. >> belt? never made the connection. lightning bolt. bolt. duh. >> duh. >> i was fixated on usain interesting name. >> the bolt makes him go. >> the bolt. >> parents are prepar
jersey. the air will have a crisp feel. chicago, detroit, minneapolis, mid 70s. >> unique scene in the metrodome in minneapolis. the field is marked for vehiclings football. teens playing baseball. >> they're going to be playing now until thursday morning. a huge fund raiser for cancer center at university of minnesota. but it is also an attempt to set a guinness world record for the longest ever baseball game. >> we are going to try to play for over 62 hours up to 72 hours in a row. >> this will test everybody. i am going to go for it. going to be here the entire time. >> only 55 more hours to go. >> the current record for a baseball game is 60:11:32. for those counting. by the time they're finished they're expecting to play about 300 innings. i tell you what -- when i was a kid i would have signed up for that. >> i will tell you what-- the only people in the stand are very loving mothers. >> mothers, sisters. they ride home. i don't know what it is. >> i have a hard time sitting through a baseball game period just nine innings. there is action. >> but i guess. >> 300 innings.
digits in dallas and phoenix. and around the great lakes. chicago, detroit in the high 80s. >> ran should stay clear today. the world's tallest lego tower. that's right. standing right now in front of the high school in middletown, delaware. >> the tower stand 11 stories, precisely, 112 feet, 11 and 3/4 inches. made of a million bricks. weigh nearsly a ton. >> that's really cool. y yags of the red clay consolidated school district. kids from 2 schools in the district helped build it over the last few months and will remain standing at its full height until tomorrow morning. >> why take it town? >> amazing it is standing. it's legos. a spike in shark attacks in paradise. what hawaiian officials are frying how to do to figure out why they're attacking. >> why a bright young man says he is being punished for being the best reader in his class. >> later, a dose of cuteness. a look at some of the white house dogs through the years. find out which ones weren't so well behaved. you are watching "world news now." ♪ it's just my dog and me ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to yo
's a dream that still lives on 50 years later. they drove to d.c. from detroit for this week's commemoration and brought her granddaughters with her. >> i wanted my granddaughter to see what i saw 50 years ago. to stand up for what's right. >> reporter: the struggles then and those to come draw john lewis back as well. you still come here often. why? >> oh, yes. because i come here to reflect, to remember. >> reporter: remembering his old friend, and the day that both made history and changed it. >> this spot is almost sacred. dr. king must be looked upon as one of the founding fours of the new america. lewis believes america has come far in 50 years. many issues still exist. progress, he says, just a down payment on the dream. what was at stake that day? >> the future of america as one nation. as one people. it was at stake. he helped hold us together. >> reporter: is there one moment from that day that sticks out most? >> he started saying let freedom ring. let freedom ring. from stone mountain of georgia, let freedom ring. from every mole hill -- >> from mississippi, from every mountainsi
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14